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10 ways to increase your social media engagement like never BEFORE



Social media marketing is a popular way to make use of direct marketing. This kind of marketing enables you to connect one-on-one with your customer, speaking right to the one who could eventually open his wallet and buy from you. 

With an opportunity such as this, you intend to capitalize on the connection. Engagement enables you to do that.

Listed below are 10 of my personal favorite ways to rise above the noise on social media and engage your audience.

1.Know why your audience is on social media.

Why does your audience join to a particular social media platform?

Perhaps your market loves using Facebook to flick through news stories. If that's the case, post more newsworthy content.

On the other hand, your audience might join to Instagram to consider their friend's pictures. If that's the case, you'll have a better potential for stopping the scroll by posting behind-the-scenes pictures from your business.

If someone sees a picture of certainly one of your employees doing something fun, they're more prone to stop and have a look at what's happening in the picture.

Once your audience stops scrolling and reads what you have to express, she's more prone to engage with your post.

2.Know very well what your audience does far from social media.

Another way to prevent the scroll is to understand what your audience does when they're not logged in. Make use of this to capture their attention.

Like, if you sell outdoor products to dog lovers, use more dogs in your posts. Show your pet dog on a hike. Or show your team playing with dogs. Regardless, incorporating dogs could make your audience more prone to stop scrolling and look at what you have to say.

3.Be funny.

When consumers show through to social media, they wish to be entertained — not sold to. When a brand forgets this, they lose the eye of the audience. Engagement plummets, and people ignore their posts.

Humor is one way brands can promote on social media while still keeping an audience engaged. One brand that did this well and saw tremendous results was Dollar Shave Club. Their commercial went viral, sharing their brand's message while at once entertaining their audience.

People liked it, shared it and started tagging their friends to watch it, too. Ultimately, the commercial got an incredible number of likes, shares and comments, helping it get viewed over 22 million times.

4.Use emojis as prompts.

One method to encourage a reaction is by using emojis in your post. This sets the tone and shows the reader the way you hope they'll react.

For instance, in the event that you share something humorous, include the laughing emoji in your post. This shows your audience that what you're sharing is funny and deserves an excellent laugh.

5.Request a certain reaction.

Sometimes, you can get more engagement simply by seeking it. With Facebook's reaction buttons, you can require a certain reaction. For instance, host a contest and award people for hitting the “love” button as opposed to the “like” button.

6.Request a review.

You could not be able to reward people for reviewing your organization on most social media networks or websites, but you can even require your audience to leave a review in the form of a Facebook reaction. To increase your business impression on social media specially on Instagram, you can buy instagram followers from an online marketing agency.


7.Share some compelling data.

People love knowing the facts. Offering survey results or compelling data that offers insight into a topic in your industry is a good way to get people thinking about clicking to your website to learn more.

But don't give everything away on social media. Give you a teaser, and then encourage your audience to interact with you by clicking to your website.

8.Unveil a new product.

Have you got a new product release? Did you make some exciting updates to your service offering? Let your fans be the first to ever know by unveiling it on social media.

Use social media to get people worked up about the newest release. Tease them with a few new details, and then cause them to become click to your website to learn more.

9.Give something away.

People love getting something for free. Spark intrigue among your audience by offering the freebie, and use it to gather email addresses from your own social media followers.

10.Stream live videos.

Videos have it all — eye-catching movement, audio, imagery and sometimes text. Combine these elements, include the excitement of live video, and you've a recipe for engagement success.

Live streaming has turned into a hot new method for brands to reach consumers. Facebook took a typical page from Periscope's playbook and started offering live streaming to brands. Take advantage of it. You are able to stream industry events, how-tos, exciting milestones for your product, or even your own personal weekly news report. It's an effective way to get people to pay for closer focus on your brand.

Social media marketing is ineffective without engagement. To truly get your audience commenting, liking, sharing and clicking in your posts, you will need to entertain them, inspire a response and spark intrigue and also you can hire a social booster agency to work for you. The greater you do this, the more engaged your followers will be.